Why choose a diesel Maruti Suzuki Swift over petrol?

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A Maruti Suzuki Swift is the premium hatchback by Maruti. The car is the company’s premium hatchback and was one of those models which brought Maruti back into the automobile race. The diesel variant of the premium hatchback offers an astounding mileage of 25.2km/ litre. The on road price for a used Maruti Suzuki Swift diesel for sale in Bangalore ranges from approximately 4.5 Lakhs to 9 lakhs approximately. It is a comfortable ride and has youthful styling, thus making it a perfect choice among the buyers in Bangalore.

Why a Maruti Swift diesel?

A Maruti Suzuki Swift is the perfect size for an individual as well as a small family and is a comfortable ride during the long traffic hours in Bangalore. It provides great mileage and pickup, the trademark of every Maruti flagship, which proves as a major advantage during the one way traffic and monsoon of the city. A diesel engine ensures higher and better performance which is suitable for those who have to travel long distances.

Where to Buy?

A pre-owned Maruti Suzuki Swift is available across all the sellers and dealers. Buyers can also choose to buy their car from a Maruti True Value dealership. They are reliable, offer a fair price and also help in the financing of the car. One can also buy directly from a known seller, that is friends and relatives or choose from the cars available online on various portals.

Price and Financing

The average cost of a Maruti Swift car is 6.13 lakhs. The EMIs offered by banks or the online portals is very flexible and ranges from nine thousand to 12 thousand per month. This means, it is easy financing for a Maruti Suzuki Swift Diesel in Bangalore.


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