1st August 2019

Pet Insurance Explained

  • by Alexis Smith
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Our family pet is most definitely a member of our family, therefore, they should have some degree of medical cover, and there are specialist pet insurance providers that offer a wide range of policies. In order to avoid confusion, this article aims to outline the various types of pet insurance available, to help the pet owner make the right choices when it comes to covering their pet for medical expenses.

Comprehensive Pet Insurance Cover

If you want the best cover for your pet, there are policies that cover just about everything, including the following:

  • Major Medical Cover – This includes accidental injury, illnesses, plus regular healthcare.
  • Emergency Dog Boarding Fees – In the event you are hospitalised, your pet insurance will cover the cost of emergency dog boarding.
  • Overseas Medical Treatment – If you pet travels with you on holiday, a comprehensive policy would include any overseas vet bills.
  • Tick Paralysis – A comprehensive policy would cover your dog in the event he suffered from this disease.

This is a very popular form of pet insurance, as it provides cover for so many situations, and it also offers partial payments towards a whole host of treatments.

Routine Care Cover

Check out the leading provider, Pet Insurance Australia routine care cover, which is a policy that covers major medical treatment, plus vaccinations and de-worming treatments. The cover also consists of a specific amount for the following:

  • De-Sexing
  • Council Registration Fees
  • Behavioural Therapy
  • Teeth Cleaning
  • Burial or Cremation Costs

There are many other treatments whereby routine cover subsidises a portion of the costs, and if you would like to know more about the policy details, an online search will help you locate a leading Australian pet insurance provider, where you can read all about the terms and conditions of the routine care cover.

Accidental Injury Cover

Some pet owners prefer to take out a basic policy that only covers accidental injury, and the great thing about pet insurance is you can tailor the policy to suit your budget. Accidental injury cover will pay for emergency medical treatment, and for some pet owners, that is adequate. Both cats and dogs can easily become injured, what with cars on the roads, fights with other animals, plus injuries sustained from a fall.

For more information on basic accidental injury terms and conditions, a Google search will help you locate an established pet insurance provider, and they can give you the details on a wide range of policies.

Online Solutions

If you would like to take out some insurance for your pet, the Internet makes it very easy indeed. First, you carry out an online search, which will bring up a list of providers, then you can make some quick comparisons before finally choosing the policy that best suits your needs. Once you have done that, a secure online payment means that your cat or dog is covered with immediate effect.

Don’t take any chances with your pet’s well-being, find a reasonably priced insurance package and you will have peace of mind.

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