North Korean Trades with America

  • by Alexis Smith
  • 2 Years ago
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America has always been known to have many foreign relations, whether political or economic in nature. The United States of America definitely does not limit itself to trades only within themselves, though they have an established economy, and also, not only their neighboring nations, but they have connections everywhere in the world. They have always been good with trading and in general, business, and the reason that US businesses are thriving is because they already know what their market wants and needs, whether inside or outside the country, and the products that they produce, whether American companies actually manufacture them or not, are perceived by other nations to be of high quality. Their business practices are already viewed as effective and therefore, they are able to penetrate markets, even in other regions, much more easily. And what is of great help to them is that they have access to great business deals with other countries, especially in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Every nation must already be aware of the US-China relations, since this relation is probably one of the largest trades there is. There is no doubt that China has also already established its name in the business. Almost every country has had and is still doing business trades with China, mainly because they possess cheap labor, and everyone knows that the Chinese believes that in doing business, there should be practicality. This is very evident since most Chinese businesses consist of auto parts, hardwares, and construction materials and these are proven to be necessities for people all over the world which makes it so much easier for them to actually earn money.

The United States of America also trades with Japan. US is probably the largest economic partner of Japan. Japan is very well known when it comes to their technology and innovations they have developed with the technology that they already have. Both nations trade goods with each other and are evidently both successful in terms of business.

Besides America’s trades with popular thriving nations, they also have connections with North Korea. North Korea is a nation that is probably only heard of in the political sense, but not everyone is aware of their businesses and trades that they make with other countries. It is not everyday that we hear news about North Korea that is for sure, because its connections seem to always be of private nature.

So how exactly does the US connect itself with North Korea? Of course, the US imposes limits to their trades with North Korea and also imposes high taxes. North Korea exported garments, but that was then. According to Trump news, however political it may be, it may also be for the safety of the whole nation and its people because President Donald Trump said that he will be stopping all trades with any nation that does trading with North Korea ever since the nuclear bomb testing happened. Now, North Korea’s largest trading partner would be China and China is also America’s largest trading partner.

This would be tough for the US since China also helps them with the stability of their economy and if they lose China as their trading partner, then there might be drastic changes with the situation of the economy of America. But today, it is certain still that the US makes trades with China.

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