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  • Larson&Holz – what are the advantages of the company to other brokers?

Larson&Holz – what are the advantages of the company to other brokers?

  • by Alexis Smith
  • 1 year ago
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What do you need to trade in financial markets? This is the first question that arises in the absolute majority of novice traders. The answer is simple: choosing a broker. And not just a brokerage company, which on a semi-legal basis offers everyone a golden mountain, but a company that is reliable and honest. Among the many brokerage companies there is hardly a dozen. And if you connect some aspects as a filter, only a few brokers will remain. Having done all of the above, we paid attention only to companies that opened before 2010. Guided by the fact that the older the brokerage company, the more reliable it is. At least, these companies are time-tested. In principle, so it is. Having chosen one of them, we have, more simply, the instruction manual. So, we get acquainted. Brokerage company Larson&Holz. Many, I believe, are not familiar with it, since the company’s goal is not PR at the expense of its customers. And the company did not engage in extensive advertising of its activities. There is some sense in this. As explained to us by the company’s employees, respectability is not measured in quality, and the number of commercials. And we can agree with this. Vaughn, MMM in Soviet times as advertised, but to sense? So, let’s get started. The first thing that an ordinary client does is get acquainted with the company’s functionality. Here we immediately draw attention to the fact that navigation does not cause any difficulties. Yes, there is a lot of information. But if there are a lot of it, then the company has something to offer its customers. Is it better if the brokerage company displays a semblance of a business card. The company Larson&Holz, in this regard did not confine itself to scarce material, and tried to bring to each client a maximum of information. Naturally, this is a positive moment. And plus to this, everything is in its place. Immediately noticeable that the developers in the company Larson&Holz are working in their place.

¬†Well, now consider the following points, which should be noted. What cares any client, any brokerage company. These are bonuses. So we are arranged. And bonuses are almost the basis of our life. Larson&Holz has developed a multi-level bonus system. Let’s start in ascending order. Bonuses for the invited partners. In principle, this is a standard bonus, which you will not surprise. Therefore, we will not dwell on it. Moreover, ahead of us are waiting for more significant bonuses. The next type of bonus is the return of a percentage of the amount of training. Let’s consider in more detail, since there are no analogs to this bonus. Here is a simple example. The brokerage company invites us to take a course of study. Or a beginner trader wanted to. Training is paid. This can be understood, since no one will be given a free gift. A full course of study costs 100 dollars. After the novice trader has completed a full course of study, Larson&Holz returns 10% of the course price. Money is transferred to one of the trader’s trading accounts. If the trader did not manage to open a trading account, the company’s employees will be asked to do so. Or they will transfer the money to the balance of the account. In principle, as the employees of Larson&Holz explained to us, there is nothing wrong with that. After opening a trading account, the client can transfer this money to a balance. No complications should arise. The next type of bonus is the accrual of interest on the trader’s deposit. It is somewhat unusual to realize that a brokerage company accrues interest to its traders. The banking system immediately comes to mind. Yes, almost complete analogue to the bank. But the difference in numbers. The bank gives 7%, and the company Larson&Holz offers its customers 10%. Do you feel the difference? And, in addition, the bank accrues interest in rubles, or another national currency, and the company calculates in dollars. But here there are some nuances. The fact is that interest is only accrued on deposits that are more than $ 3,000. Now the lucky owners of such deposits have the opportunity to receive additional money, as a bonus. Agree, amazing service. No less surprises the client and the next kind of bonus – no-deposit Forex. In appearance, an uncomplicated bonus. But having read the details, were surprised in earnest. It turns out that Larson&Holz offers everyone to trade with the company’s money. All that is needed for this is to register and open this trading account. Well, then, trade. To begin with, the company gives three days for trading. The profit remains to the trader, and money is returned to the company. After three days the company closes the no-deposit account. Three days later, the trader can again open a no-deposit account. And again the trader has three trading days. Again, the profit remains on the trader’s account, and the money goes to the company. But that’s not all. Three days later, it becomes possible to open a no-deposit account, and the trader trades for three days. The scheme is already familiar: the trader’s profit, and the company’s money. On this and ends. The function of opening a new no-deposit account is disabled for this account. Thus, a trader can start from scratch. He trades only on the profits. But after all, if you think about it, it turns out that the trader traded nine days for the company’s money. The risk is zero. After all, money is not his own. But he made his starting capital. He trades on it. In fact, in this situation, no one loses. The company Larson&Holz is beneficial for the trader to receive profit from the trade. And all this talk about the fact that a profitable trade of a trader is unprofitable for a broker is just a conversation. In addition, devoid of any meaning. And while these conversations go, people earn little money. This is the most significant bonuses from the company Larson&Holz. There are, of course, other bonuses, such as refunding some of the money from entering funds into the system. Or for the number of trade lots. But the most significant, we listed.

The next interesting service is a contest. In fact, this option is standard. Contests are held by all brokerage companies without exceptions. This is the company’s interest. How else. The competition attracts most of the company’s customers. They trade, and the company earns on the spread from the trade. All is fair. So, why the competition in the company Larson&Holz gave rise to so many rumors. First, the amount of the prize fund. If other brokers set a prize fund of $ 1,000, Larson&Holz did not become greedy, and offered its contestants $ 10,000. The interest of clients is now clear. But even those traders who did not participate in the tender are benefiting. They get the opportunity to watch the statistics of trade of the contestants. Well, if you think about it, you can understand the trading strategy of trading. In addition, anyone can contact the trader, and ask him a question. Or questions. By the way, traders willingly respond to them. And even the most difficult questions. And besides that, you can offer the leader of the contest your own funds in management. Own PAMM, the company Larson&Holz is already developing. We hope that in the near future it will appear. In the meantime, the company’s traders are working in this direction.

Regarding security. Many people do not like the verification of the account. It’s unclear why she scares people off so. In addition, this procedure is now used everywhere. Employees of the company did not hide the true state of affairs. This procedure is necessary only for the company employees to know who they are dealing with. In addition, the client does not give the company employee a passport. Only the scanned document is sent to technical support. If you do not pass the verification procedure, the account is subject to restrictions. It is impossible to withdraw money. It is impossible to transfer them between your trading accounts. And much more. After the verification procedure is completed, the restrictions are removed and the client can start working.

What I would like to say in the end. In general, we are satisfied with the company LH-CRYPTO. There is not that passive atmosphere that you will find in other brokerage companies. Particularly pleased with the communication with the technical support. The employee patiently answered the questions, and we received an exhaustive answer.

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