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  • How You Can Use Pneumatic Sanitary Valves? A Few Things You Need to Know

How You Can Use Pneumatic Sanitary Valves? A Few Things You Need to Know

  • by Alexis Smith
  • 1 year ago
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You can find pneumatic valves in most of the industries nowadays whether it is any process industry or other manufacturing industry. These valves can be easily cleaned as its surface is pretty clean and the media does not get accumulated within these valves so that there can be no chance of creating any kind of pollution. Most of the industries dealing with cosmetic, pharmaceutical, beverage or biochemical products using these valves in their manufacturing line. These valves will ensure that all the normal operation is performed as per the program that has been set in the programmable logic controller.

While you use these kinds of pneumatic sanitary valves, you must keep following things in mind:

  • The total process sequence should be absolutely clear and well defined and each valve that has been used, must know when they should turn on or off. If there is any lack of clarity about the sequence of operation then process may get seriously wrong or there is a possibility of any unfortunate accidents too.
  • The packing cover of these valves should not be pressed too lightly as the operating torque and the necessary friction will not be developed to block the passage for the media. Also, when the valve is in operation, you cannot change or add any packing as that will lead to leakage of the media.

  • If the environment temperature is in sub zero condition, care should be taken to either defrost the line or evacuate the frozen water regularly. It is necessary to keep the valve warm if the line cannot be evacuated.
  • In high temperature condition, particularly if the valve is under the temperature well above 200ᵒC, the fasteners used in the valves also gets heated up and that can cause the sealing of the valve weak. In such situation, the fasteners must be stopped at hot tight position and while valve is in closed position it should not be disturbed at all. If in such condition you try to tighten the bolt further then it will be very difficult to open it under normal temperature condition.
  • In case any leakage in the valve occurs then the real cause of the leakage must be clearly identified. There are two different possibilities of leakage under normal condition – internal and external leakage. Internal leakage can take place within high-pressure water system. Therefore, it is necessary to lubricate the system properly. External leakage can be due to cover or the packing.

Pneumatic valves must be periodically maintained in order to run the production line smoothly.

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