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  • Don’t Miss These 7 Points for Choosing Between Self-Storage Services

Don’t Miss These 7 Points for Choosing Between Self-Storage Services

  • by Alexis Smith
  • 2 Years ago
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Self-storage services come handy for a wide variety of reasons. From keeping extra furniture items to making space for home renovation, home owners use storage units for unique needs. However, choosing a company isn’t easy, given that there are a plethora of services around. In this post, we have enlisted seven pointers that must be considered for finding the best one in your area.

  1. Location matters. If you want to have frequent access to the storage unit, it is best to choose a facility close to your home. On the other hand, companies that are located away from the prime areas are usually cheap. Consider your needs before taking the final decision.

  1. Measure everything. It is important that you only pay for the essential space used. Instead of overestimating your unit size requirements, spend a day in evaluating the space needs. Keep an eye on the size of the boxes and measure the large things like furniture, kayak or a car.

  1. Consider security. You don’t want to keep stuff with a service you cannot rely on. Look for services that have invested considerably in their facilities. Right from having enough manpower within the premises to installation of CCTV cameras and special locking systems, the security elements should be top notch.

  1. Check maintenance. Some of the storage services have been blamed for poor maintenance, which results in a number of common problems such as mold and pest infestation. Make sure that you check the premises at a personal level.

  1. Consider facilities. Do you need a climate controlled unit? For some of the valuables, cars and antiques, you may need a unit with climate control, for better protection against common issues like mold and humidity. Check for services that can offer such options.

  1. Price factor. Most people look for the lowest monthly quote while choosing storage services, which isn’t the right idea. Instead, you should be focused on pricing with facilities. Check the additional assistance that you can get from a service, instead of the discount.

  1. Consider lease term. Storage services are flexible, but you need to understand the period of lease, which can help in getting a better price. If you intend to use the unit for more than a year, you can ask for a discount on the actual price. All of these depends on the discretion of the service though.

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