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  • Understand Various Waterproofing Problems at Your Residence and know to Get Rid of Them

Understand Various Waterproofing Problems at Your Residence and know to Get Rid of Them

  • by Alexis Smith
  • 1 year ago
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Sealants and waterproofing are some of the main problems that cause destruction of your house. Contractors pay very less heed to waterproofing details and proper applications required, which results in bad construction. Not only this, there are other major reasons because of which failure of waterproofing occurs –

  • Wall Cracks
  • Sump pump problem.
  • Drainage system.
  • Roof top.
  • Basement dampness.

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Wall Cracks –

Foundation of good wall is the most essential part of a strong building. Poor construction with uneven floor and water seepage from soil can finally result in wear and tear of the building. Cracks in a wall results in water seepage during rainy season. Hence, whenever you see a crack it is recommended to get a professional checked it.

Sump pump problem –

A sump pump collects water from sump and removes drying that area. They are generally installed in lowest part of the building or the basement. If a sump pump fails it wets the whole basement and damages your property. This can happen if the pump is not of good quality or has not been installed properly.

Drainage system –

Poor drainage system can be a major problem during rainy season. Water can overflow and seep through the walls.

Roof top –

Roofs are generally kept waterproof. A slanting roof installed with a drain structured pipe carries all the water collected during rain and melted snow. If the roof is flat water stays stagnant in many places and gradually seep in through the walls. Therefore, slight slant is necessary in every roof. However, you also need to keep a watch that nothing blocks your drainage path like dry leaves and pebbles, otherwise water flows down the wall and enters cracks or holes.

Basement dampness –

Basements are the most ignored area of the house. They are dark and sultry because of lack of light and ventilation. Hence, dampness is easy to find in such areas. If there is slope outside your house that directs towards your basement, then it will stay wet and mushy the entire year. Hence, the only solution is maintenance of basement and to keep it dry.

A basement with dampness can be a major problem for your home. Imagine that you enter the basement and you find moss everywhere, it not only spoils your walls, but also other items that were kept there for future purpose. You will not only be able to use those items, but also need to spend a lot in getting that damage repaired.

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